Hi, and welcome to Vintage Radio Services. The site for Vintage Radio restoration service and sales.

We think vintage technology is beautiful, lots of time went into making these products look like quality home furniture. Owning a good one adds timeless character to a room as well as actual practicality. A vintage radio set doesn’t need WiFi or the internet, it does what it was built to do, many decades ago, and after a restoration, will continue to.

The electronic construction is interesting to say the least, but that just makes then endearingly quirky. Most impressive though are the heart of these devices; the valves seem to have survived decades unscathed. These things were built to last!

This site is full of posts about each of the radios that we’ve worked on, I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoyed working on them and share in our experience of resurrecting these glimpses of past times.

If you are curious about obtaining one, need advice or have a set that needs looking over, we’d love to hear from you on out contact page:-